Automation Recruitment Solutions

Automation Recruitment Solutions was established February 2020 – where we strive to match great candidates with awesome companies involved within Automation.

Sam Robinson, Managing Director set up Automation Recruitment Solutions with 2 main personal matters mind;

  1. Being able to only spend 1 hour per night with your kids isn’t great – there is a huge feeling that you’re missing out on so much. Now able to work from home and see the kids whenever he chooses creates that flexibility that makes life so much easier.
  2. Having Something you can call your own and being able to shape something how you want it. Recruitment has typically got a bad name for itself and over the years I can really see how some individuals ruin it for the rest of the good recruiters out there. We want to build this business on trust and transparency. All the years I have recruited there has always been 1 thing candidates want most… Honest feedback, Good or bad it doesn’t matter. We believe if someone has went through the effort to send you their CV they deserved as a bare minimum a thank you and honest feedback from the process.

We believe in taking the time to truly understand our candidates wants and needs and then being able to match them with their next perfect job role. We also listen and pay close attention to the type of candidates that our client’s need to avoid any wasted time and ultimately creating a much better experience for all parties involved.

Recruiting within the Automation industry isn’t always easy, but here we love the challenge of being able to find and match the right candidate to the perfect job. Its a very different industry as it is always moving forward and unless you have had some exposure to it previously can be very difficult to hit the ground running. However there is no better feeling than knowing you have placed a candidate into their dream job and that is why we love recruiting within the industry.

If there is one thing we can promise here at Automation Recruitment Solutions. If you work with us, we will always give you honest feedback and if we say we are going to do something, we will do it.